Thrilling Thursday

While this great printable from kind over matter may not necessarily be “thrilling”, it is wonderful and important. You really do become …

Tell Me About It Tuesday

First, I love Marc John’s work. The sketches are simple and wonderful and I love his captions. Second, sometimes we just really …

my favorite poem

i love e.e. cummings. and i love this poem. endlesslyfascinated.

Tell Me About it Tuesday

I’m not married. But a lot of my friends are. And it’s something that I think about a lot…what does it take …

Tell Me About it Tuesday

  for tuesdays: tell me about it….whether it’s stories, thoughts, or just good reminders. tuesdays are days dedicated to words and messages. …


  Saying Image 1305252 | Images With Words From Tumblr, Weheartit, Xanga.

Be Present

  SoLoveLy… [décoration]: Mini DIY.


  Oh the places you will go… /.


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